Lynn is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Anat Baniel Method for Special Needs Children Practitioner. She works with babies and children with special needs and adults. She is also certified in Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge by David Grove. She has presented her developing approach on vision at the first Clean Conference in London 2008 and at the International Holistic Vision Congress in Belgium 2009.

Diagnosed with Parinaud’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder, Lynn had several challenges to seeing, including functional paralysis of convergence, pareisis of the vertical gaze and closed pupils. She lived for many years with double vision, blurry and unstable vision, where her visual field very often became completely incomprehensible. This situation worsened as the years passed.

In 2002, as her vision went from bad to worse, she was no longer able to read, drive or go out alone, despite using 3 different pairs of glasses. She was “threatened” with official recognition as a handicapped person.

In November 2003, out of despair and misunderstanding, she underwent an operation to modify the divergence of the left eye. That is when she personally experienced the relationship between the eyes and the coordination of movement. She became unable to balance in standing, to understand the environment and was completely dependent on those around her.

In 2004 Lynn started to try out her “crazy” ideas within the context of the Feldenkrais Method in order to learn how to see. She created conditions where she did not need to see, and then developed her skills of functioning without vision with more and more awareness. In doing so, new capacities of seeing spontaneously emerged!

Today, Lynn can see everything that she needs to see and passes vision tests with 20/20 and is helping others to do the same.

As well as her work with Children, Lynn presents “Insight Into Vision” workshops as well as individual lessons on appointment based on her personal experience and own research using the Feldenkrais Method to improve her own vision. This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn how about the use of the eyes to organise movement and in doing so, to also use movement to improve vision.